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Good advice if you want to become an entrepreneur


There are severeal ways to create impact on society with your research as an entrepreneur:

  • Become the expert in a start up team and leave the business development and management to others.
  • Expand to business development and management and leave the details/technology to others.
  • Establish collaboration with larger companies to bring your idea to the market. ​


Help for entrepreneurs at AAU

If you are considering a career path as an entrepreneur by bringing an idea (perhaps born of a discovery that you have come across while conducting your PhD/Postdoc research or related to something else) to the market by starting up your own business, there is much support to find at AAU and elsewhere.

  • If you have a business idea based on your research (with or without patents) - Contact the Technology Transfer Office
  • If you would like to discuss and explore commercial and innovative opportunities of turning your research into a sustainable business - Contact Open Entrepreneurship or Science for Society 2.0.
  • If you have a business idea unrelated to your research or are interested in joining a startup team - Contact SEA (Supporting Entrepreneurship at AAU) 


AAU Inkubator

Do you want to test your business idea and find out how to commercialize it? Do you want to meet like-minded people - both researchers and students - and talk to business developers? Then join the AAU Inkubator.

The AAU Inkubator is a place where AAU startups can get an office space and receive support, training, and counseling by AAU business developers. Also, it is a place for learning and professional back-and-forth with the other startups residing there. Check out the AAU Inkubator to find more information about opening hours, contact info, and current Inkubator residents.

Furthermore, the AAU Inkubator is always looking for experts within various fields, who are interested in joining or collaborating with start-ups residing in the AAU Inkubator.

For more information contact SEA (Supporting Entrepreneurship AAU).

AAU Inkubator