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The focus in the application should be on what you can do for the company or public workplace in which you are applying for a job. How can you meet their needs based on your competences? How can you bring value to them? 



  • Title
  • Motivation
  • What you can offer (match the demands in the job ad)
  • About you
  • Ending


Applications for advertised positions

  • Answer the job advertisement
  • How will you meet their requirements?
  • How can you benefit them?
  • Qualify your application by calling the listed contact person in the job advertisement PRIOR to sending the application. Prepare a few questions that can help qualify your application and what you should focus on. Through a phone call you may also realise that the job is not interesting for you anyway. Thus, you can spend your time writing good applications for the jobs that are most interesting and relevant for you.  


Unsolicited applications

  • How you can fit into the company and what you can contribute with.
  • Show initiative – from start to finish
  • If you have the contact information for the person to whom you are writing, note your plans to follow up on your interest with a telephone call within the next week day (and make sure to do so).


Golden rules

  • Max 1 page long.
  • Remember to include your motivation to work in this particular workplace.
  • An application focuses on the future. Is it not a repetition of your CV, which (except for your profile text) focuses on your past experiences, competences, and results.  
  • Keep in mind the recipient of the application and remember to talk about yourself as an asset for the company.  
  • Consider building sentences/paragraphs based on: 1) I can/am (a stament - related to the present), 2) Exemplify this based on your past experiences (facing backwards), and 3) How can the company make use of your experiences/competences in this job? (facing forwards).
  • Research, research, research… Learn about the company and its needs: What is the company's focus? What is its current challenges? 

Individual career counselling

As a PhD student, recent PhD graduate (until one year after obtaining the PhD degree), or young researcher at AAU, you can book a one-on-one talk to discuss your application and future career. Read more about individual career conselling.