Become a mentor


As a mentor you will act as sparring partner to a PhD student who may benefit from your experience in matters such as career opportunities, searching and applying for jobs, networking, and the transition from doing research to employment outside academia.In addition to this - discussing well being as a PhD student and what challenges well beeing is also relevant to consider.

You must be prepared to support the learning process of and be prepared to take the time to meet with your mentee. You also need to be prepared to listen, ask questions, give advice, and share your own experiences.

Additionally, you need to be a member of the university’s alumni-network, AAU Alumni. AAU Alumni is completely free. You will gain access to exclusive webinars from AAU and external researcher and take part in events.

Register via the e-mail sent to you (Alumni registration) or contact Kristian Østergaard Sørensen as seen below.