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Career counselling


A key element in AAU's career services for PhDs and junior researchers is individual counselling. As a PhD student, recent PhD graduate (until one year after obtaining the PhD degree), or young researcher at AAU, you can book a one-on-one talk to discuss the direction of your career and/or alternative career options - within or outside academia.   


THE Councelling MAY CONCERN:

  • Competence clarification
  • Feedback on CV, job application or LinkedIn profile
  • Job interview
  • General talk about future career plans


Book an individual consultance session in Aalborg with PhD career consultant, Kristian Østergaard, by sending an e-mail to krs@adm.aau.dk 


Skype meeting

Should you be unable to attend an appointment in Aalborg, you are more than welcome to request a Skype meeting. Just note it in the e-mail when you book an appointment.