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Build a career outside academia


Establishing a career outside academia can take time, so begin the process early on: Get your CV ready, attend seminars, and get an overview of your network. You can attend and be part of all university events that you feel could have any relevance for your future career. These include Careers Fair, company visits, seminars, social events (planned by e.g. PAU, International Office or AIESEC).


Network, network, network...

Networking is important if you want to pursue a career outside academia. Think actively about building/expanding your network in the industry and public sector. Remember, networking is not only about getting others to help you, but also about sharing information and services with others. Use your network positively in your efforts to establish a career outside academia. 

  • Who shares your research/professional interests? Who do you know in the industry/public sector? And who might be able to help you?
  • How can you meet and form professional relationships with people working in the industry/public sector?
  • How can you expand your professional network by connecting with relevant people through LinkedIn and in real life?
  • How can you recognize, create, and act upon professional opportunities?  


Industrial Postdoc

A position as an Industrial Postdoc is an interesting next step for PhDs who are considering a career outside academia. It provides you with an opportunity of doing research in collaboration with a company while expanding your network and getting a better understanding of the industry/public sector. Find more information about industrial postdoc


Where have other PhDs gone?

Find inspiration below for your career outside academia by reading reports on the career paths of AAU PhDs, articles about PhDs working in the industry/public sector, and presentations by AAU PhD alumni. If you are interested in becoming an entrepreneur, find inspiration in the stories of PhD alumni.