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Build a career within academia


If you want to pursue a career within academia, the best next step for you after finishing your PhD is a position as an assistant professor, which gives you the foundation for a longer academic career at a university.   

Learn more about the different research positions in Denmark and consider how to build a career within academia. 


Research positions at DAnish universities

  • Eksternal lecturer
  • Postdoc
  • Industrial Postdoc
  • Assistant professor 
  • Associate professor
  • Docent
  • Professor MSO 
  • Professor

For more information about the research positions at Danish universities, contact HR AAU or talk to your supervisor or head of department. 



Networking is important if you want to pursue a career within academia. Think actively about building/expanding your network both locally and internationally. Remember, networking is not only about getting others to help you, but about sharing information and services with others. Use your network positively in your efforts to establish a career within academia. 

  • Who shares your research interests?
  • How can you meet and form professional relationships with younger and senior researcher?
  • How can you recognize, create, and act upon professional opportunities?      
  • How can you use ResearchGate for networking with other researchers (by sharing papers, asking/answering questions, and finding collaborators)? 


Teaching and research positions at Danish university colleges

Danish University Colleges provide higher education and perform research, development, and innovation activities in areas such as teacher training, engineering, business, nursing, health, nutrition, and social work. While still providing quality teaching, Danish University Colleges have an increased focus on research and are expanding and improving their research environments. Thus, in order to increase the quality of both their teaching and research, Danish University Colleges are interested in attracting more employees with a PhD background. If you love to teach and also do research within the abovementioned areas, keep yourself updated about vacancies, e.g. at University College of Northern Denmark (UCN)​.