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Industrial Postdoc

Many companies are not aware of the possibility of applying for funding from Innovation Fund Denmark for an Industrial Postdoc project. Innovation Fund Denmark invests in new knowledge and technology creating growth and employment in Denmark. Find more information below about what an industrial postdoc is, how it can be benificial for everyone involved, and how AAU can help you in the application process if it involves a researcher from AAU.


What is an Industrial Postdoc?

An Industrial Postdoc project is a collaboration between an Industrial Postdoc, a company and a research institution about solving specific research tasks.

  • An Industrial Postdoc is employed in the private sector company and collaborates with the research institution.
  • The private sector company applies for project funding from Innovation Fund Denmark. 
  • The Industrial Postdoc is employed with a salary in the company during the project. 

Benefits of an Industrial Postdoc project?

  • The company has the possibility of solving specific research and development tasks whilst strengthening its relations to existing and new collaboration partners at universities.
  • The public sector research institution strengthens its relations to the business sector, and a foundation for new research is created.
  • The project gives the Industrial Postdoc a unique competency boost in her/his career development by combining research competencies with a business sector mindset and experiences.

How can AAU help in the application process?

If you have made agreements to apply for an industrial postdoc with a researcher from AAU (and a potential supervior for the researcher), Fundraising and Project Management at AAU Innovation has a group of experienced fundraisers who can help you make sure that the application meets the formal requirements for an Industrial Postdoc. In order for them to provide the best and most qualified help, it is important to involve them in the application work right from the start. If you come to them very late in relation to the deadline, they may feel that they cannot provide you with sufficient, qualified help. In that case, they may recommend that you wait to apply for a later deadline if they are to help you. Hurried application work can easily lead to poor applications that will weaken both your reputation as well as that of AAU.

For support for application work, contact a fundraiser or send an email to funding@adm.aau.dk

For support and guidance in relation to industrial collaboration, contacts and networking, contact Lene Horn at AAU Match.


More information, guidelines, application deadlines and facts on salary and employment

Innovationsfondens foldere om Erhvervspostdoc for virksomheder og kandidater.

Faktaark om Erhvervspostdoc (in Danish)​