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PhDs outside academia


  • Are you considering hiring a PhD candidate?
  • Are you curious as to what PhDs can bring your workplace?
  • Would you like to collaborate with Aalborg University about PhD or Postdoc candidates?

Find information and inspiration below.


What can PhDs provide to companies and public workplaces?

  • PhDs have an even greater specialization than MA candidates. Thus, they can create an even larger knowledge boost.
  • PhDs have an emphasized ability to “dig deep”. The ability to do so is even more important than the specific knowledge and field because PhDs will be able to change their subject and “dig deep” in something else.  
  • PhDs have larger international experience when they come from university to a company and can hence be a substantial resource to a company targeting international markets and audiences.


InDustrial Postdoc in Collabotation with AAU?

An Industrial Postdoc project is a collaboration between an Industrial Postdoc, a company, and a research institution about solving specific research tasks. Read more about industrial postdoc.