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As a young researcher at AAU you can attend various events as part of your preparation for a future career within and/or outside academia.  


Seminars at AAU

  • Doctoral School at AAU: Offers seminars, workshops, and conferences on topics such as career planning, competence clarification, and communication of PhD competencees. 
  • AAURA (The AAU Research Academy): A program for strengthening the research competences for younger researchers (who have obtained their doctorate (PhD) no earlier than ten years before joining AAURA activities). AAURA provides a range of courses, workshops and networking activities. 
  • Fundraising and Project Management: Offers seminars/workshops on pitching for researchers applying for funding.
  • AAU Karriere and AAU Career: Offers career related seminars/workshops in Danish and English for students at AAU, but PhDs and young researchers are welcome to join the majority of these.  
  • The Career Fair (Karrieremessen) is part of the national Career Days and is the largest national job and career fair for higher education students and graduates - and PhDs and young researchers are welcome to join too. It is held every year in March in Aalborg, Aarhus, Odense and Copenhagen.


Other seminars

  • Unions: As a member of trade unions, e.g. DM, IDA, and DJØF, you can join various seminars/workshops. 
  • PAND: Organizes events for PhDs at a national level.