AAU PhD Career HUB

AAU PhD Career HUB

AAU PhD is focused on increasing your awareness about employability after your PhD studies and providing you with as much information as possible about your future career.

Whether you are looking to become an entrepreneur, researcher or industry professional we are here to help you. On this site you can find different tools to support your career development and guides for CV composition and other useful resources.

We are always available for a 1:1 career talk both on and offline so feel free to contact Kristian at krs@adm.aau.dk or at 9940 3512.


Leire G Albizu (Former PhD student Department of Planning): 

“I had never tried a tool like the DISC profile before. I found it very useful to get to know myself better and reflect on what is important for me in the next steps of my career. The discussion was great to start drafting a career development strategy for the immediate future as well as to identify some points I could improve to become a better professional and team mate. Very recommendable – also for those at an early stage of their PhD journey· " 

 Maria Camila Rincón Gil (PhD student Department of Materials and production):

"Thank you for the session. It was great to meet you, and thanks for asking the right questions ( you let me thinking about many things).

I believe this DISC assessment will improve how I communicate with others and make me aware of certain traits from other types that I would like to strengthen on my own personality."